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CCTV Product Listings
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- 1/4" CCD Colour Cameras -


1/4" 300 - 380 line resolution

Fujitsu CJ 421 300 lines res. IP67 weatherproof camera with 3.8mm lens 12v DC
Fujitsu CJ 421 PB3G 320 lines res. IP67 weatherproof camera with 1.7mm lens 12v DC
Sanyo VCC 4110P 350 lines res. 0.3 lux, 240v AC
Sanyo VCC 4115PA 350 lines res. 0.3 lux, 12v DC / 24v AC
Sanyo VCC 8115PA 350 lines res. 0.4 lux, 2.8 - 5.8mm varifocal,12v DC / 24v AC
Sony SSC CX 13VP 12v DC / 24v AC incl. Varifocal lens
Sony SSC CX 18VP 240v AC incl. Varifocal lens

1/4" 400 - 540 line resolution
Eneo VKC 1416 480 lines resolution camera module with 22x zoom, DSP 12v DC
LG LVC - A913HP(HM) 480 lines, with 22x lens WDR -12v DC
LG LVC - A730HP(HM) 480 lines, with 16x lens WDR -12v DC
LG LVC - A800HP(HM) 480 lines, with 16x lens -12v DC
Sanyo VCC ZM300PA 520 lines, AF Zoom, 2 lux 12v DC / 24v AC




List of CCTV Camera manufacturers

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