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Guide to Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

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CCTV Product Listings
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1/4" format 'CS' mount
Pentax 2.2mm manual iris - Pentax 3mm manual iris - Pentax 6mm manual iris

1/3" format 'CS' mount
Canon 2.8mm manual iris
Canon 3.8mm pinhole manual iris
Canon 4mm manual iris
Canon 8mm manual iris
Computar 2.6mm f1.6 manual iris
Computar 4mm f1.2 fixed iris
Computar 4mm f1.2 manual iris
Computar 8mm f1.2 fixed iris
Computar 8mm f1.2 manual iris
LG CS 3514M5 3.5 - 8mm f1.4 varifocal manual iris
Fujinon 2.8mm f1.3 manual iris
Fujinon 4mm f1.2 manual iris
Fujinon 8mm f1.2 manual iris
Fujinon 16mm f1.4 manual iris
Pentax 2.8mm f 1.2 manual iris
Pentax 3.6mm fixed iris
Pentax 4mm f 1.2 manual iris
Pentax 8mm f 1.2 manual iris
Pentax 8mm fixed iris
Tamron 2.2mm f1.2 manual iris - IR Corrected
Tamron 2.8mm f1.2 manual iris - IR Corrected
Tamron 4mm f1.2 manual iris - IR Corrected
Tamron 6mm f1.2 manual iris - IR Corrected
Tamron 8mm f1.2 manual iris - IR Corrected
Tokina 2.8mm f1.4 manual iris
Tokina 2.8mm f1.4 fixed iris - Tokina 4mm f1.2 fixed iris - Tokina 8mm f1.2 manual iris
Tokina 4mm f1.2 manual iris

1/2" format 'CS' mount
Pentax 3.7mm f 1.6 manual iris - Pentax 6mm f 1.4 manual iris - Pentax 12mm f 1.4 manual iris
Tamron 4mm f1.4 manual iris - Tamron 6mm f1.4 manual iris - Tamron 12mm f1.4 manual iris
Tokina 6mm f1.4 manual iris - Tokina 12mm f1.4 fixed iris

List of CCTV Lens manufacturers

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