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CCTV Product Listings
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16 - 18 channel Multiplexers - Simplex - Colour
Bosch LTC 2661/50 Sixteen channel Simplex
Dedicated Micros SLS X16C Sixteen channel Simplex
Dedicated Micros SYS SX16C System Sprite Sixteen channel Simplex
Tecton Miniplex 17C Seventeen channel Simplex,400 lines resolution, 12v DC
Tecton Drax 17S Seventeen channel Simplex
Vision Factory CS18 Cameo Eighteen channel Simplex
Vision Factory CS16 Montage Sixteen channel Simplex

16 - 18 channel Multiplexers - Duplex - Colour
Bosch LTC 2662/90 Sixteen channel Duplex
Ganz DPLEX 16 ECO Sixteen channel Duplex
Dedicated Micros SLD X16C Sixteen channel Duplex
Dedicated Micros SYS DX16C System Sprite Sixteen channel Duplex
Dedicated Micros UPX 2DX Uniplex Sixteen channel Duplex
Panasonic WJF S616 Sixteen channel Duplex
Sanyo MPX CD163P Sixteen channel Duplex
Sony YS DX516P Sixteen channel Duplex
Tecton Drax 17 Seventeen channel Duplex, 430 lines resolution, 12vDC
Tecton Mosaic Seventeen channel, 400 TV lines, 12v DC
Vision Factory CD18 Cameo Eighteen channel Duplex
Vision Factory CD16 Montage Sixteen channel Duplex

16 - 18 channel Multiplexers - Triplex - Colour
Videotec SP 16C advanced Sixteen channel PAL / NTSC Triplex



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